Manpower crunch hits RPF’s night policing

Pune: Manpower crunch in the Pune Division’s Railway Protection Force (RPF) has hit policing, especially during the night.

Speaking about the issue, Ashok Kumar Ray, Divisional Security Commissioner (RPF) stated that the division presently has a vacancy for 100 personnel and they are hopeful of recruiting at least 50 more constables soon.

Ray added that once 50 per cent of the vacancies are filled, the RPF will enhance its force in night trains. He said that as of now, the RPF deploys personnel in four mail express trains, six local trains and four night local trains.

He added that for trains operating between Pune and Mumbai, personnel from Mumbai are deployed in major trains while those operating between Pune and Solapur have personnel from Solapur.

When asked about why RPF doesn’t deploy personnel in long distance trains, Ray stated that most long distance trains are in Pune division for just an hour.

He added that security is being provided at signal crossings near Daund, where thefts have become common.

Railway officials said that the RPF has opened a 24*7 helpline (9503013705) which passengers can contact in case of any difficulty. They stated that the helpline is of the control room at the Pune railway station and relays information to the concerned railway station.