Measures taken to protect Heritage Monuments: Jaipur Metro

Jaipur (JP): The Jaipur Metro in its reply to the high court assured that all possible measures have been taken to prevent any damage to the protected heritage monuments. The court had sought a report from Jaipur Metro after a crane fell on old heritage buildings in the Walled City on May 4.

Jaipur Metro also stated that no damage has been caused to any of the four protected monuments – Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Isarlat and Chandpole Gate – located in and around the project area.

The report however said, despite all care being taken, a few minor incidents have happed wherein a couple of verandahs and a building called ‘Uday Singh Ki Haveli’ were partially damaged. Adequate and timely action was taken to restore these structures to their original shape.

The incident of May 4 happened due to failure of a crane which was being used at the site for quite some time and had been tested for safety by an independent third party only about a month back. The respondent reassured the court that it is and in future too will take due care while implementing the project.

It added that it has decided to go out of the way to give back to the city a part of history that had been lost for over a century. This is proposed to be achieved by systematically dismantling and then recreating, after the construction of underground stations is over, the old water tanks found at Choti Chaupar and Badi Chaupar, to the extent found feasible.

On the issue of restoration of normal traffic in the area it said, “Every effort is being made to restore the road surface and traffic thereon in Chandpole Bazar and Tripolia Bazar by June 30. However, because the work has to be done with utmost care because the safety of the structures around cannot be bargained for speed of work, and also because of unforeseen problems that may be encountered during the course of remaining work, some extra time beyond June 30 might actually become necessary for restoring the traffic.”

Prateek Kasliwal, the petitioner’s counsel called for records of the committee constituted for periodic inspection and close monitoring of the construction work to ensure safety of protected monuments along the Metro alignment. The next hearing is on May 21.