MEGA floats RFP for Vastral-Apparel Park stretch of Ahmedabad Metro

अहमदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): Gujarat government arm Metrolink Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad – MEGA company has invited tender for “construction of Elevated Viaduct from Vastral Gam to Apparel Park upto Ramp Start in Reach R-1 (Excluding the portions of Metro Rail Stations) including construction of viaduct for portion leading upto interface location of Metro Depot (East West Corridor) in Khokhra area from diverting point near Apparel Park Metro Rail Station”.

Vastral village – Apparel Park(Khokhra) stretch is 6 km long. It is part of the first phase of Metro rail project connecting Vastral gam and Thaltej gam in east-west direction.

Present tender which has been made public on 20 October is only for construction of elevated viaduct on 6 km stretch. There will be total 7 Metro stations on 7.5 km route, construction of which will be covered in separate tender. Distance between two stations will be around 1200-1500 meter.

Rs. 262 crore global tender procedure is likely to complete by first week of January. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is visiting the city of Ahmedabad in second week of January is likely to kick off the work for Metro rail project on this stretch. Ahead of this MEGA company will need to complete the task of tendering including selection of company and issuance of work order. The task of 6 km route will need to be completed by May 2017.

MEGA plans to operate 4-6 coaches to begin with at 45-100 km/hour speed.

About Phase-1

Metro rail North-South corridor(APMC market to Motera stadium) and East-West corridor(Thaltej village to Vastral) are part of Metro rail project phase-1.

Phase-1 route length is 35.956 km, of which 29.621 will be over surface while 6.355 km route will be underground. 28 stations will be over the surface and 4 stations will be underground.

North-South corridor will begin at Motera stadium. It will pass through Sabarmati police station, power house, RTO over-bridge, Ranip 132 ring road, Ranip cross road, Vadaj AMTS bus-stand, Usmanpura, Ashram road, New Gandhigram, Madalpur, Paldi, Anjli, Vasna and end at APMC.

East-West corridor will begin at Thaltej village and pass through Doordarshan kendr, Gurukul road, Gujarat University, Commerce six roads, Stadium, Ashram road, Shahpur, Ghikanta, Kalupur railway station, Kankaria east(Gomtipur), Apparel park, Amraiwadi, Rabari colony, Vastral, Nirat char rasta and Vastral village, which will be the last station.

The project above is likely to be completed in year 2018.