Member Staff, Railway Board visits SER Central Hospital

Kolkata (KOAA): Pradeep Kumar, Member Staff, Railway Board visited different medical units viz.Emergency Department, Operation Theatre, Advanced Kidney Care Unit of S.E.Railway Central Hospital, Garden Reach today. During his visit, Mr Kumar inaugurated two newly installed high end medical equipment-C Arm Image Intensifier Machine and Endoscopic Ultra Sound Machine and dedicated these machines to the service of the patients. With the installation of these technologically advanced sophisticated equipments, the patients will be immensely benefitted. He also inspected the Cabins and Wards of the Central Hospital and suggested to adopt measures for upgradation of the different units of the hospital.

D Kamilla, Additional General Manager, Dr. H Pradeep Kumar, Chief Medical Director, Dr. A P Patnaik, Medical Director, Manoj Pande, Chief Personnel Officer, Sanjay Singh Gehlot, Sr. Deputy General Manager, Aloke Biswas FA&CAO, V.K.Agarwal, Chief Electrical Engineer, N.K. Mohanty, Chief Electrical General Engineer, S. E. Railway and other Senior Railway doctors and officials were present during the visit of Member Staff, Railway Board.

Senior Doctors of SER Central Hospital apprised Mr Kumar of the different health care facilities provided to the patients and awareness programmes conducted by the hospital for prevention of different diseases through Power Point presentation.