Member-Traffic reviews Measures to enhance Revenue of WR & CR, take stock of various issues

MUMBAI: A meeting was presided over by Shri Girish Pillai – Member Traffic of Railway Board at the Conference Hall of W. Rly Headquarters Office at Churchgate on 10th June, 2019 which was attended by the traffic officers of both Western and Central Railway. The core purpose of the meeting was to convert the vision of Minister of Railways to meet the challenges faced by the Railways and garner more revenue for the organization.

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, out of the overall revenue of Indian Railways, 64% is spent on salary of staff and 15% on fuel. Hence Member Traffic, Shri Pillai emphasized the need to increase the overall earnings. Last year Indian Railways have achieved 1221 MT in freight. Shri Pillai stated that this year a target of 1266 MT has been fixed and the same dedication and zeal has to be maintained by WR and CR to achieve the current set target. Member Traffic advised both WR and CR to take all possible steps to surpass the earnings achieved in the previous year. He also emphasized on publicizing various freight incentive schemes, wagon investment schemes and in particular General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme, introduced for the benefit of customers.

It is worth mentioning that Indian Railways is committed to carry more and more passengers and provide best amenity and comfort for passengers in train and at stations. Shri V. K. Tripathi – Additional General Manager of W.Rly, Shri Shailendra Kumar – Principal Chief Operations Manager of W. Rly, Shri R. K. Lal – Principal Chief Commercial Manager of W. Rly, Smt Ity Pandey – Chief Commercial Manager (FM) W. Rly, alongwith other senior traffic officers of W. Rly & C. Rly were also present in the meeting.