Goons molest Metro Official’s Kin on a Metro Train

KOLKATA: The daughter-in-law of a senior Metro Railway official was harassed by the goons on a Metro train on Tuesday evening and then beaten up at Dum Dum station because she protested.

Her in-laws were also assaulted for standing up to the goon. And when police arrested the two attackers, a woman tried to get them released identifying herself as a Trinamool Congress leader. The victims say she also tried to intimidate them into withdrawing the complaint.

The Metro official, who is posted at Dum Dum, his wife and daughter-in-law boarded a train at 7.15pm at Central station after visiting an ailing relative. The women moved into the ladies’ section of the packed coach where a man, who was already standing there, started harassing the daughter-in-law. She protested and asked him to step back. The Metro official also warned him to move out of the ladies’ zone. He complied.

The family thought the worst was over. They had just stepped out of Dum Dum station when the man and one of his accomplices attacked them. The official collapsed on the ground and his wife and daughter-in-law had all their bangles broken trying to fend off the blows.

The RPF intervened and nabbed the suspects, identified as Sujoy Roy, 30, and Arun Singh, 28. But the commotion only shifted to the station superintendent’s office. A woman stormed into the chamber, at the head of a crowd, identifying herself as Trinamool leader Soma Saha. Banging on the desk, she demanded that the two be freed. Sujoy is her brother, she said. The RPF refused to give in and called police, who took them into custody around 8.15pm. They have been charged with molestation, destruction of government property and obstructing a government official from discharging his duty.

DGM(G) Pratyush Ghosh confirmed the incident, saying: “It’s shocking. A senior colleague was travelling in the Metro when his family member was pushed from behind. When he protested, the man and his friend ganged up and assaulted him. The RPF intervened and they were handed over to police.”