ISM Graduate’s study on Jaipur Metro Rail opens US doors to him

21DhanJaipur1_162657A Dhanbad boy has conducted research on disaster preparedness of Jaipur Metro Railway project on behalf of the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM).

The study was conducted to assess risks of disaster in the project area using a novel technique — Hazard Risk Vulnerability and Capacity (HRVC) analysis.

Abhinav Srivastava, an MBA graduate from department of management studies at Indian School of Mines, carried out his research work between January and March. It is titled, “A Case Study of Identification of Disaster Risk Reduction Options for Smooth Operation of Jaipur Metro Corporation.”

His findings have been published along with that of Shusma Guleria, a faculty at NIDM, in the July edition of International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies, headlined, The HRVC Analysis: An innovative Concept for Disaster Management. A Field Case Study Done on Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation.

According to Srivastava, a PhD research scholar in management at NIMS University in Shobhanagar, Rajasthan, analysis of risk factors using HRVC technique can help reduce chance of disaster by at least 23 times.

“I have done a video recording of the entire rail route to capture the accurate and complete working process of Jaipur Metro. The videos are uploaded on YouTube,” said Srivastava, who received Rs 20,000 as scholarship from NIDM for carrying out the research work.

After identifying various risk factors during the first stage of my study, he explored feasible options for the removing the hazards in the second stage.

“In the third stage, the chances of resurfacing of those risks were calculated,” he said, adding that the fourth and last stage of his study focused on vulnerable sections like population, infrastructure and economy and how to provide immediate relief in case of a disaster.

The Dhanbad youth’s efforts are fetching him good rewards.

“After the successful completion and submission of NIMD report of 62 pages, I have received offers from various multinational companies in core, energy and infrastructure sectors. But the most lucrative offer has come from a transport vehicle company — International Hovercraft — at Rockford, US, for a disaster management project worth $75 million,” said Srivastava, adding that he will start work for the US firm in October.