MIC Electronics gets patent for LED DigiPoster, bags order from Railways

mic-electronicsHyderabad: MIC Electronics Ltd has announced it has secured a patent for its LED DigiPoster, which the company maintains is a next generation digital display technology for various applications across the world. The patent is valid up to the year 2028.

Digi-Poster or LED DigiPoster is an intelligent, integrated LED-based, robust and rugged display device meant for use in advertisements or information dissemination, either indoors or outdoors. The poster has several inherent advantages over existing methods and can display images that are loaded or altered locally or remotely, according to the company Managing Director, M.V. Ramana Rao.

The DigiPoster supports multiple pixel resolutions, including the virtual pixel concept using MIC’s patented scan-plus technology and multiple data/ image formats as well as displays live information. This can be deployed in fixed or mobile applications.

According to the company, the market potential for devices employing this technology is extremely large. A current example is the Indian Railways’ Railway Display Network (RDN) Project.

The company was one of three companies awarded a contract for supply of a new LED-based coach light fixture to the Indian Railways. This is the Railways initial foray into this type of lighting. While this initial order will furnish lights sufficient for 60 coaches, these type of fixtures will now become standard fittings in all new Railway caches and will also be used as retrofit devices in old running coaches. This has a potential market of more than 120,000 coaches for the Indian Railways alone.

MIC was the first company to be approved for this type of coach lighting by the Indian Railways, the company stated.


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