MIDC plans to acquire land for Sinnar-Eklahare Railway Line project by January 2014

NASHIK: The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) on Saturday said the land acquisition for the Sinnar-Eklahare railway line project is expected to be completed by January-end next year.

The MIDC has proposed to lay a 32-km railway line between Eklahare to the special economic zone (SEZ) in Sinnar for transporting coal for the thermal power plant. Accordingly, the measurement of 173 hectares of land across all 10 villages was completed in August 2013.

MIDC states that it has already completed measurement of the land for the project and the proposal seeking permission for the commencement of further procedure (32/1 notices) was sent to the state government. The procedure of awarding total payment for acquisition of land in the name of the district collector will begin once the state government gives approval to the proposal. The process of distribution of payments to the concerned farmers against land acquisition will begin thereafter and are expecting that the state government will give the approval by November-end and further procedure will begin thereafter. The farmers had opposed the procedure to measure the land, but MIDC have settled all their issues and convinced them to give their land for the pivotal project, which will fuel the growth of Sinnar as well as Nashik district, thereby generating employment opportunities.

The district authority along with MIDC had held meeting with the project-affected farmers from all 10 villages in November 2012 and offered Rs 35 lakh per acre for arable land and Rs 17.5 lakh per acre for non-arable land. The price was higher than the earlier offer of Rs 30 lakh for arable land and Rs 15 lakh for non-arable land.

Indiabulls Realtech Ltd (IRL), a subsidiary of Indiabulls Power Ltd, and MIDC are jointly setting up a thermal power station at Sinnar with a capacity of 1,350 MW.

For the purpose, a 32-km railway line is to be laid between Eklahare and Sinnar by acquiring from 10 villages, including Eklahare, Hinganwedhe and Jakhori in Nashik tehsil; Jogaltembi, Naygaon, Deshvandi, Patpimpri, Baragaon Pimpri and Gulvanch in Sinnar tehsil and Pimpalgaon-Nipani in Niphad tehsil.