Ministry of Railways taken Steps to improve Freight Share

नई दिल्ली New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways has approved a pilot project on trial basis for running of RoadRailer train and signed a MoU with a private firm to increase freight earnings. Presently, transportation of trucks by rail wagons is undertaken under the nomenclature ‘Roll-on Roll-off’ scheme on the network of Konkan Railway Corporation Limited.  To improve the freight share of the Railways, the following ‘inventive steps’ have been taken as follows:

  1. Procurement of wagons by private investors through public-private partnership mode under the following schemes:
    a) Liberalised Wagon Investment Scheme.
    b) Wagon Leasing Scheme.
    c) Special Freight Train Operators Scheme.
    d) Automobile Freight Train Operators Scheme.
    e) Special Parcel Train Operator Scheme.
  2. Private investment for development of private freight terminals through public-private partnership mode.
  3. Development of eastern and western dedicated freight corridors.
  4. Automatic freight rebate for traffic loaded in inter-zonal traditional empty flow direction.