Minor boy sexually assaulted at Narkhed railway station

NAGPUR: Feeling cold in the night, an orphan boy aged 17 requested a man to share his blanket and ended up being sexually assaulted at Narkhed railway station. The incident came to light on Monday morning when the minor noticed bleeding and complained of extreme pain to Narkhed police. The Nagpur railway police were alerted and a case registered against the unidentified accused after medical examination of the boy.

The minor is known to earn his livelihood by cleaning passenger compartments. He stays at different railway stations. Railway police said that the minor, who claims to hail from Simarkheda in Madhya Pradesh, would travel on trains passing through Pandhurna, Narkhed and Nagpur railway stations.

On Sunday evening, the minor was sleeping at Narkhed railway station. He told police that he was feeling cold and saw a middle-aged man, with long beard, sleeping nearby with a blanket over him. The boy asked him whether he could share the blanket. The man said yes and the boy fell asleep.

Early Monday morning, the boy woke up in pain and blood stains around him. He complained about the pain to doctors at a nearby hospital, who took him to Narkhed police station. The railway police were alerted and a case was registered. Railway police have been questioning all vagabonds and beggars at Nagpur, Narkhed and Pandhurna railway stations.

After medical examination, the boy was shifted to police remand home. Police said the boy claimed he did not realize he was being sexually assaulted during the night.