Mission Satyanishtha launched by Railway Board to make Railways, a corruption-free system

NEW DELHI: In a move aimed at waging a war against corruption, the Ministry of Railways has decided to sensitise its officials with ethics and probity in public life and motivate them to work without being corrupt through an awareness initiative christened as “Mission Satyanishtha”.

The officers would take the oath to become honest and adhere to the ethics and maintain high standards of probity in their routine life. The pledge of honesty to the officers would be administered by Chairman Railway Board (CRB) Ashwini Lohani.

The prime objective behind launching Mission Satyanishtha is to sensitise all railway officers and supervisors about the need to adhere to ethics and maintain high standards of probity in public life.

According to a senior railway official, during the whole-day session, lectures covering ethics and integrity would be delivered to participating officers.

Besides, participating in the Mission Satyanishtha session, all the general managers have also been asked to organise such lectures to sensitise officers and supervisors on corruption at their zones. The officers would be given course materials to do away with corrupt practices in their departments, sections, etc, the official said.

“The motive of this initiative is to make railways a corruption-free department which can be only achieved by changing the mindset of corrupt. At the Mission Satyanishtha session, the officers would be sensitised about bad effects of corruption by presenting case studies of corrupt officers and honest ones,” the official said.

The officers who would be presenting their lectures to motivate railway officers include Prabhat Kumar, former Cabinet Secretary, Anil Swarup (former school education secretary), Balvinder Kumar (former Mines Secretary), Shanti Narain (former Member Traffic), etc.