MMOPL says it has Robust Security set up for Metro Rail

मुंबई Mumbai: The Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) has created a security team called the “Intelligence Gathering Unit” or IGU to provide foolproof security to the operations of the Metro rail and its passengers.

The team, in plain clothes, will keep a close eye on commuter movement and gather information related to the safety and security of the metro and its passengers.

“The trained unit will keep an eye in the vicinity of Metro stations in plain clothes, posing as common men. The unit will be on the lookout for mischievous activities in Metro stations by miscreants and take necessary action. Depending on the kind and level of trouble and threat posed by such people, action will be taken against them,” said a senior Metro official.

“Senior security personnel will take a call if these persons can be punished or penalised under the Central Metro Act, or should be handed over to the local police for necessary action.”

A minimum of two IGU personnel will be present at each Metro station at any given time, with one of them being a woman.

They will be further monitored by the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) or security staff in the station.

Furthermore, these stations will have the Mumbai Security Force (MSF) for regular security checks and handling of insurgencies.

“It gives us immense pleasure that we have set up the best practices of security,” said an MMOPL spokesperson.