MMOPL trains 63 Metro Loco Pilots for Mumbai Metro

mmpolMumbai: Mumbai metro rail has formed a team of 63 trained pilots after a long and rigorous selection process. These pilots have been training for the past one-year over the tracks and each pilot has been trained to perform eight hours duty as per the government guidelines.

“We have not left a single stone unturned to train these pilots perfectly. We made sure that these pilots could drive the machine worth Rs.40 crore each and handle the precious lives of the passengers, safely,” said a spokesperson from the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL).

Skill sets of these metro pilots have been developed in multi-dimensional ways. “Handling the passengers’ problem is equally critical. Who will take care of the passengers in case of any medical emergency in the middle of two stations? Are the pilots equipped enough to remain calm in alarming situations like terrorist acts? In a nutshell, are the trains and the passengers really safe while traveling in metro trains which would be running in the city in a few months from now,” said the spokesperson.

According to Priyanka Balid, one of the women metro pilots who is getting trained says, “Training to be a pilot is definitely interesting and is a lot of hard work too. The training comprises 40 per cent of theory and rest 60 per cent of practical. Our training includes various challenges faced by train pilots during train operations, such as train malfunctioning and passenger emergencies.”

“At the end of every training programme, each train pilot is evaluated through a written and a practical examination,” she added.