Modernised Rail Network in India is Socialy Desirable: Simon Giovanazzi, ED/DB Intl.

Simon Giovanazzi, Executive Director Asia Pacific, DB International
Simon Giovanazzi, Executive Director Asia Pacific, DB International

Kochi: For a company which is based in a country that has the largest rail network in Europe, India,  whose extensive rail network stands sixth in the world, has always been a major market. DB International GmbH, a consultant company and subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, which is at present engaged with Kochi Metro Project, views High Speed Rail as an area of huge potential in India. This also includes the Kerala High Speed Rail project, which is expected to be launched soon.

Simon Giovanazzi, Executive Director-Asia Pacific, DB International, was recently in the capital city, to part in talks regarding the firm’s future projects in the state.

“High speed rails in just in its infancy in the country with the Ahmedabad-Mumbai line announced recently,” says Simon, who spoke about the growth possibilities in this particular area. He added that urban transit is another major area of focus the company is looking at, as passenger rail is not a huge market potential in the country.

Speaking about its activities in Kerala, Simon says, “Though not the only one, we are concentrating on, Kerala as one of our major points of focus. Looking at the rail system in the state, so much requires to be done. Local transport is congested, and therefore, we feel that a light rail transport system needs to be set in place.”

Talking about the rail transport system in the country, Simon said, “India is already a rail nation. But it needs to be developed to have a more competitive system.”

Registered as a company in India just recently, the German-based company sees Indian cities as its next big market for popularising the high speed rail transport system.

“This is my first visit to the state’s capital city,” says Simon. He adds,”The company, which has a design team in Bangalore, is also involved with rail projects across different countries which include the high speed network in China, Light rail project in Canberra, Australia, metro project in Doha and more.”


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