Modi gives importance to setting up of dedicated National Railway Universities in India

Railways want Quality Manpower – Why cannot we think of dedicated railway universities?

Citing the recent accidents, mismanagement and various other scams, coupled with unprofessional and lackadaisical attitude on safety of trains, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr.Narendra Modi said that there is an urgent need to establish dedicated Railway Universities in all the four regions of India.  “Why cannot we have specialised Railway Universities? Sadly, we have not given importance to Railways and that has resulted to various loopholes in development of a proper rail functioning system in India.

“Whatever Britishers had established, either the meter gauge or broad gauge, single line or double line, we the Indians have only converted them from meter gauge to broad gauge or at best electrified them after independence and nothing more than that.  At the time the Britishers were leaving the country, India was having 58,900 route kilometers of Railway track network (excluding the rail network of the then newly formed Pakistan and Bangladesh), whereas today we have expanded it to just 65,000 rkms thus adding 6100 rkms.  Britishers could lay 58,900 route kiloketers in a span of 96 years with no means of communication by 1947, no internet, no telephone, no skilled manpower and no heavy transport support systems. Today we have every thing in place, but have achieved no significant milestone and particularly in Railways. See what Japan did with their railways through concept of Bullet Train”, says Modi.  “Railway needs quality manpower. Why cannot we think of dedicated railway universities at at important cities of India? said Modi.  Modi gave visionary ideas on railways reforms, setting up rail universities, bullet train quadrilateral and 100 smart cities!  We need to give importance to next generation infrastructure. How can we integrate water and gas grids, optical fibre?, he asked.