More delay for Blue line users as Delhi Metro loses train IDs

NEW DELHI: Commuters travelling on the Blue line had a harrowing time on Friday morning. The Delhi Metro’s automatic train management system lost the IDs of all trains on the Blue line (Dwarka sector 21-Noida/Vaishali) at 10.35am, leading to manual running of trains on the line. While Delhi Metro Rail Corporation claimed the problem was rectified in 10 minutes, commuters bore the brunt as trains were delayed, stuck in stations and running slow during peak hours.

“There was no train to Dwarka Sector-21.  So I left four trains going to Sector-15 till I finally decided to board one. Alternate trains usually go to Dwarka Sector-21,” said Moushumi Samajdar, a passenger from Preet Vihar station. Roshnita Taneja who was on her way to college said, “My train was stuck at the Dwarka Mor station for half an hour. I got late for college.” Similar complaints could be heard till noon as the system tried to catch up with the bunching of trains. Problems were compounded as the fault occurred during peak hours, admitted Delhi Metro officials.

“At 10.35am, the IDs of all trains on line 3 and 4-that is the Blue line-were lost due to signalling server restart. All the IDs were manually restored which led to a delay of about 10 minutes. The server became normal at 10.45am,” said DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal. The lost train IDs also resulted in two train trips being delayed and two being cancelled, said Metro officials.

According to the Delhi Metro, signalling server restarting is a “normal” affair. “The service was brought back to the automatic system as soon as the fault was rectified,” added the Delhi Metro official. However, the impact could be felt for hours after the problem was rectified. Mohammed Omar, another regular commuter, said trains stopped at a number of stations much longer than usual.

“Since the train was stopping at every station, the journey was delayed considerably. I was late despite boarding the train at my usual time,” said Omar.

The Blue line is already facing delays in train schedules due to longer waiting periods between trains. The reason is the on-going repair work at the Noida City Centre Metro station, due to which trains run at 25kmph when they approach the station. This impacts the schedule along the entire route, admitted Delhi Metro officials. The work is expected to go on for three weeks.