More than 2,000 plaints against UTS Ticketing App

MUMBAI: There have been around 2,000 complaints by commuters against the railways UTS ticketing app in the past three months as money was withdrawn from their account but their season passes were not renewed. The commuters used their debit card to pay but their passes were not renewed. Officials said that commuters should recharge the R-wallet and then renew their pass for now and that a technical glitch is being cleared.

Ashok Kamble, a commuter, who paid the money by filling up his debit card details said that the money for was deducted, he had waited for hours for his pass to be renewed. He said, “I was told to get in touch with concerned Railway authorities then someone from there told me to get in touch with some other department and finally someone told me that the money would be refunded.” He added, “Then why not tell me this in the first place.”

The Application was launched by the CRIS. Uday Bobate, the General Manager of CRIS, said, “Yes there have been some issues in the application while using the debit card. We are working to fix it on top priority. Hopefully it will be resolved and justice will be done to those who had suffered”, he said.