More Western Railway rakes to get ‘talk back’ system in ladies coaches next year

MUMBAI: Come January and Western Railway (WR) will roll out more rakes with “talk back” system in ladies coaches to help commuters communicate with the train’s crew in case of an emergency.

The talk back system was introduced in two rakes on International Women’s Day (March 8) last year. The system is installed near the windows and above last seats in first-class and second class women’s compartments.

WR General Manager AK Gupta said, “We will install the system in three months. But fitting CCTV coaches in the compartments will take time.” When the button on the system is pressed, commuters can talk to the guard of the train. The guard receives live visual as well as audio messages and s/he can provide assistance at the next station. “This will benefit women commuters in case of security or medical issues,” added Gupta.

CR had earlier experimented with an emergency alarm system, in which pressing a button would alert the guard and the motorman of a “threat’ in the compartment. But the system was done away with as commuters started pressing the button just for fun, delaying trains.