Move trucks over Railway lines to reduce Emissions in Delhi: Experts

New Delhi: Various government departments may not have been able to give suggestions to reduce air pollution in the Capital but two experts in the field of transport have come up with a plan to tackle the problem.

The two experts, Kailash Mishra and Himani Jain, have suggested using existing railway lines passing through Delhi to transport loaded trucks across the city in order to curb emissions.

The applicant in the air pollution case being heard by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) filed an application outlining the suggestions on Tuesday.

As per the suggestions, Delhi could look at following the example of the Roll-on Roll-off service provided by the Konkan Railway where trucks are rolled on to flat train wagons at a set point outside a big city and are rolled off at the outskirts again.

Loaded trucks, therefore, don’t ply in the city and are still able to cross it. On the Konkan Railways lines where the system is in place, the transport is also faster.

According to the application filed before the tribunal, the Western Line between Alwar and Panipat could be used for the purpose as studies have shown it is underutilised. Trucks that don’t need to enter Delhi can be loaded onto this line and can bypass the city. The line passes through Rewari, Jhajjar and Rohtak.

The experts have also suggested that the feasibility of using the line between Palwal and Modinagar could also be assessed.

The bench issued a notice to the Railways Ministry and asked it for its opinion on the suggestion by May 18. The bench, however, was skeptical about how the plan will work.

“There are no trains for humans here and you are suggesting trains for trucks. We all know that no trains, unless they are Shatabdis or Rajdhanis, enter the station on time here,” the bench said.