MRVC looks for Feedback on new Bombardier rakes

Mumbai: As part of its efforts to get commuter feedback and send it to the board by year-end, the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) on Monday deployed a team of five officers to collect feedback forms concerning the new Bombardier rake on the Western line from passengers.

MRVC officials, armed with forms, boarded the train headed to Borivali from Churchgate at around 4 pm. “We are not getting as much response as we would like from the public online so we are going to travel in the Bombardier train for a week and collect commuters’ feedback,” said one of the officials on the team.

They have been asked to fill up at least 3,000 forms by end of April. “It is our job to run around and get commuters’ response as we do belong to the MRVC, which is a body especially created for Mumbai railway,” the official added.

A MRVC official said that only 10 to 15 feedback forms had been filled online ever since the forms had been put up on the MRVC site, little after the Bombardier rake was introduced on March 18. “So that the public may log onto our website and fill in the forms as many of them don’t know about the forms in the first place, we thought we would intensify our efforts for feedback directly on the field, which is why the five-member team was put together,” he said.

Meanwhile, MRVC chief managing director Prabhat Sahai said that the news that there was not enough response online wasn’t true. “We have been getting online feedback as well but we are coupling it with forms to be filled out on the platforms themselves as we want to submit the report regarding feedback by end of April.”