MUD Officials creates tussle over appointment of Sreedharan as Advisor to Lucknow Metro

Some in the Union Urban Ministry are seeking a re-think on E. Sreedharan’s appointment as Chief Adviser to Lucknow Metro

A tussle is brewing between the Union Urban Development Ministry and the Uttar Pradesh Government over the appointment of E. Sreedharan as chief adviser for the Lucknow metro rail project.

According to a source, an advisor to the Uttar Pradesh government was instrumental in roping in Dr. Sreedharan, but the move is being strongly contested by some senior officials in the Ministry. There are some concerns that have been expressed over the appointment, especially after his stint with the Kochi Metro has come in for criticism.  Though an announcement has been made, there is a demand from some sections in the Ministry for a re-think on the appointment,said a source.

However many IASs from the UP Government argue that the tussle was more created by the Kochi Metro’s former Managing Director Mr.Tom Jose against Sreedharan and it require no debate on the outstanding contributions Mr.E.Sreedharan made to the Metro Rail revolution in India.  It is learnt that Akhilesh is also keen to have Sreedharan as Chief Advisor to Lucknow Metro Railway.