Mughalsarai-Danapur line is a ‘Dividing Line’ between Flood & Draught hit areas in Bhojpur dist.

Danapur:  The East Central Railway (ECR) Mughalsarai-Danapur main line is now the dividing line between flood and drought in Bhojpur district. While the northern belt of Bhojpur is in grip of floods because of a swollen Ganga, the southern belt is dry due to scanty rainfall.

The divide is clear when one crosses Karisath station as all the villages on the north are flooded, while on the other side of the track villagers talk of drought. Masarh, Nawada, Bampalli, Chhtoki Sasaram and Karisath panchayats villages are still waterlogged. But, villages under Sandesh block, parts of Udwantnagar, Piro, Garahani, Sahar, Tarari and Agioan blocks are facing drought-like situation.

Jagdishpur representative in Bihar assembly Dinesh Kumar Singh is fighting for release of Sone canal water into the fields. Katariya village under Piro block is without drinking water as all tanks and ponds have dried up. On the other hand, his party colleague and RJD MLA from Barhara Raghvendra Prartap Singh is fighting for relief to the flood-affected areas of his constitutency. From Koelwar to Bibiganj, the entire area is flooded. Agiaon MLA Shivesh Kumar is also sorry as his constitutency is drought-hit. Paddy crops in Garhani, Sandesh and Agiaon have been completely damaged. There is no relief to the drought-hit farmers.

The standing maize crops under Ara block have been damaged by flood, while in other parts of Bhojpur, maize and paddy crops have been destroyed because of prolonged drought. One of the leading farmers at Karisath, Hare Krishna Singh said he had planted 300 saplings of teakwood by purchasing them for Rs 80 per plant but the entire plantation perished following month-long waterlogging. He also added that paddy planted in six bighas of land too has been lost in the flood.

On Thursday, Kudhwa, a rivulet of Sone entered Asni village due to pressure from Ganga flooding new areas. The rural works department’s road at Karisath was also damaged due to the pressure exerted by the two rivers.

Cattle are the worst hit in both flood and drought hit areas of Bhojpur. No fodder has been arranged for them. Rana Pratap Singh of Karisath said he had planted maize in 10 kathas of land for his cattle. Now, with the flood destroying the maize crops he had to bring fodder from Ara. In other part of the district, masoor crop has also been damaged leading to shortage of fodder.