Mumbai GRP releases Annual Data of Crimes in Railway premises

मुंबई Mumbai: The Mumbai Government Railway Police (GRP) on Tuesday released statistics of the crimes recorded in the suburban rail premises in 2014. The Mumbai suburban railway saw a 16% jump in criminal offences in 2014.

Interestingly, the conviction rate saw an improvement, as compared to the previous year, 2013.

According to the figures releases by the Mumbai GRP, a total of 3,118 criminal cases were registered last year, in comparison to 2,676 registered in 2013.

One of the highlights has been the increase in the percentage of conviction rate. In 2013, the conviction rate was at 69%, while in 2014, the conviction rate went up by 3%, at 72%.

In the Central zone, a total of 2,249 cases were registered with 1,187 cases been detected, while the Western zone reported 869, cases with a detection rate of 60%.

The offences included murder, rape, attempt to murder, assault, molestation and theft, and were registered under relevant sections of the IPC.

GRP commissioner Ravinder Singhal said: “We have sensitized the force and a friendly approach helped us create an environment of trust, so victims came forward to register the complaints.”

He added: “We have used modern communication tools like WhatsApp and Facebook to reach out to people, which I believe in the long run, will be helpful.”

In 2014, a total of 73 cases were lodged under crimes against women, of which the GRP solved 61. “We have given lot of importance to crimes against women, and it will remain our top priority,” said Singhal, adding: “We have registered 55 molestation cases this year, and hope that the number will decrease in subsequent months.”

Another area that has been problematic, has been that of mobile theft. In 2014, a total of 1,518 cases of mobile theft were reported, in comparison to 1,045 registered in 2013.

As many as 3,423 accidental deaths were reported in 2014, 83 less than in 2013, mainly due to heavy rush in local trains.

Year 2013-2014
Criminal cases registered 2,676 3,118
Conviction rate 69% 72%
Mobile theft 1,045 1,518
Accidental deaths 3,506 3,423