Mumbai Metro-I cost rose by Rs.1714 Crore because of delays, design tweaks

Mumbai: Information procured by a Ghatkopar citizen under the Right to Information (RTI) act from the Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd (MMOPL) has claimed that the cost of the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor increased by Rs 1714 crore due to delay in handing the Right of Way and changes in design because of constraints on the ground.

The State information commission has ruled that the MMOPL comes under the RTI act after former central information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi was directed to the MMRDA when he sought copies of the inspection report given by the commissioner of metro rail safety from MMOPL.

Ghatkopar resident Sanjeev Durve said, “I filed and RTI to ascertain the increase in project cost and the reasons for the delay. The reply provided MMOPL states that the project was delayed the right of way was not provided any many places, the MMOPL was forced to change the design because of constraints like utilities and encroachments.”

Durve said that he had filed RTI asking similar question to the MMRDA. The official reply also matches the MMOPL’s answers. He said, “MMRDA said that unable to carry our road widening at JP road, acquisition of land at Sarvodaya hospital, shifting of utilities, Relief and Rehabilitation work, erection of girders on narrow and congested road were the reasons for delay and cost escalation”

This RTI reply also states that delay was partly by MMRDA and major by MMOPL. Durve said, “The study of reply indicate that the MMRDA failed to properly plan the project as result the execution of this corridor was delayed, causing hardships to the residents.”

He also pointed that, as per the MMOPL’s reply the right of way was only given in February 2014 i.e a delay of 83 months as against the 6 months in the concession agreement.

The underground utilities were not mapped and at many places it shifting was risky. MMOPL in the reply claimed that in order to save time and expedite the construction the foundation design had increase from 11 types to 219.

The station too had to undergo design change. For example, at Jagruti Nagar the station had to be totally redesigned because of the road was not made and even the earthy filling works were not done.

MMOPL also claimed that construction methodology had to changes in favour of cast-in-situ girder as against the pre-cast girders due to delay in providing of Right of Way on Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road.