Mumbai Monorail: Route, Guidelines and Penalties

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Mumbai:  In its first phase, Mumbai monorail runs between Wadala and Chembur. In trying to maintain discipline and decorum in using monorail, there’s a list of do’s and don’t’s that are to be adhered to, but whether or not they do keep folks from committing offences is left to be seen.

Here’s a list of guidelines and penalties issued:

  • Only contact-less smart cards and contact-less smart tokens will be sold.
  • No monthly or tourist passes available
  • No return tickets will be sold
  • No escalator for another six months
  • No public conveniences at any stations
  • Smart cards to be valid for six months from the date of purchase / recharge
  • Price of smart card: Rs 150 (Rs 100 refundable security deposit + Rs 50 travel)
  • Children below 90 cm height do not need tickets
  • Journey should start within 30 minutes of purchase of token. After that, it will not be accepted by Automatic Fare Collection gates


  • Permissible limit for staying inside the station after entry is 20 minutes for same station and 120 minutes for other station. Overstaying beyond the limit will be charged at the rate Rs 10 per hour and maximum of Rs 100.
  • Ticketless travel due to loss: Rs 200
  • Travelling beyond the defined destination will be charged with a fixed penalty of Rs 50 and additional fare of overstepped distance.
  • Drunkenness or nuisance: Rs 200
  • Demonstrations & pasting posters: Rs 200
  • Rooftop travel : Rs.200
  • Unlawful entry: Up to Rs 100
  • Walking on guideway beam: Rs 200
  • Endangering safety of passengers: Up to Rs 200
  • Obstructing running of train: Up to Rs 200
  • Obstructing monorail official in duties: Up to Rs 200
  • Needless interfering with means of communication in train: Up to Rs 200
  • Altering / defacing / counterfeiting pass or token: Rs 200
  • Unauthorised sale of articles inside monorail : Up to Rs 200
  • Defacing public notices: Up to Rs 200
  • Unauthorised sale of tickets: Up to Rs 200

Here’s a list of things to know about Mumbai Monorail:

  1. The part that is operational now is 8.93 km long.
  2. It will run between Wadala and Chembur in the eastern fringes of Mumbai.
  3. The monorail will be linked to major local train stations. So the station at Chembur is connected with a skywalk to the monorail station near it.
  4. To start with, the monorail will run every 15 minutes between 7 am and 3 pm.
  5. When the entire monorail project is completed, it will be 20 km long and connect Jacob Circle in south Mumbai to Chembur in eastern Mumbai.
  6. All coaches of the monorail trains are air-conditioned; each train will carry 560 passengers.
  7. Tickets are priced between Rs. 5 and Rs. 11 with six stations on the way.
  8. There will be no monthly passes like the ones on Mumbai’s lifeline, the local trains, but there will be a system of smart cards.
  9. Construction began in 2009; the project is running almost two years behind schedule.
  10. At its fastest, the monorail will run at 80 km/hour (50 mph); the average speed is set at 65 km/hour (40 mph).