Mysore Division on course to go green: on the verge of becoming ‘Digital Division’

मैसूर Mysore (MYS): In compliance with the Union government’s directives to prune red tape and paper work in offices, the Mysore division of South Western Railways is on the verge of becoming a “digital division” by harnessing technology.

For a start, the nearly 50-page “Daily Report” containing details of all developments in the last 24 hours — from freight loading to passenger traffic earnings, detention of trains, if any, signal failure — and submitted every morning to the Divisional Railway Manager, has been reduced to four pages and that too in digital form.

All the officials are now on WhatsApp and the Divisional Railway Manager Rajkumar Lal forwards them the report — if required — instead of making multiple copies and circulating it, as was the practice earlier. “This has not only saved paper and weeded out unnecessary paper work but also enhanced efficiency,” said Mr. Lal.

All information and files pertaining to routine administration and daily operations have been uploaded on Google Drive and officials can access it from anywhere. Two web-based helplines have been launched for greater coordination between officials of different departments, mainly finance and personnel, so that digitised information can be exchanged instead of paper files.

A new software, which will virtually eliminate paperwork, pertains to inspection reports. Mr. Lal said the Railways carries out lots of inspections related to rake maintenance, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, cleanliness, passenger amenities, electronics and communication and each report runs into 10 to 15 pages, all of which are read once and dumped aside and soon pile up to become huge mounds.

However, with the adoption of the new software, the reports will be available to the officials concerned in digital form and they can read it on their mobile.

A significant feature of the software is that it is programmed to reflect deadlines set to correct anomalies. If deadlines are not complied to and relevant entries not made in the system, it will be reflected in the monitor till the lacunae is sorted out.

This will help enhance efficiency, as there will be more accountability and failure to comply with the timeline will be reflected in the systems.

A station master, who was maintaining 72 registers pertaining to operations, now maintains only 36 and the rest have been declared redundant, while the Electrical Wing — which used to maintain 68 registers — makes do with the same work with 28 registers.

“The procedures were a fallout of redundant rules, some of which are 80 to 90 years old and we have written to the Ministry giving a list of such rules to be repealed,” Mr. Lal said.

Besides, 20 truckloads of old files without any reference value that had accumulated in the Divisional Railway Office have been cleared, to reflect a better work culture and ambience.

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