Namma Metro – a Boon or a Bane?

Bangalore (SBC):  The residents, pedestrians and commuters near South end circle, Jayanagar are outrageous about the fact that the ongoing metro work is giving a tough time for them as it is disturbing the routine life of the nearby people.

Bangalore being the IT hub is following the footsteps of other metropolitan cities by the construction of Namma Metro initiated by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL). Once the work is completed people can take a deep sigh since it will be easy for people to travel and commute using Metro. But, the ongoing metro work is troubling the residents near South end circle, Jayanagar due to the drilling of machines and nuisance it is causing to the environment.

Namma Metro, milestone project 
Namma Metro is one of the much anticipated project by BMRCL and it is helpful for those people who find it difficult to travel in the hustle-bustle in the city life by their vehicles. The metro will be feasible for commuters to travel. The metro system is been connected to the terminal of five stations which includes South end circle, Lalbagh, KR station, RV road and Jayanagar. The metro rail will mark a new chapter in the significant growth of the city and it will be an important milestone to make metro as the most affordable and convenient means of transport.

As per the status of the report, the metro work in the South zone stations in KR road, Lalbagh, South end circle, Jayanagar and RV station connectivity is speeding up. Overall 90% of work in this zone is completed at these stations. Progress of underground work seems to be speeding up with the ongoing construction but there are residents nearby South end circle who mentioned about the disturbance it is causing in the environment. Though, the Metro work is a great initiation started by BMRCL, it seems to be a battle for the residents nearby who are not able to get the peace of mind due to the ongoing effects of the noise pollution.

Work should expedite 
One of the residents Shristi said, “The metro work is a good start up for the city to make it more feasible for the commuters but in spite of that, we are facing few challenges here due to the nuisance it is creating in the atmosphere and the sound of the work can be heard. We are glad by the work initiated but at present, we are facing these problems.”

The shops nearby have been demolished and the construction work is being initiated. The area is having few repercussions since the shopkeepers are now on search of establishing their work station in some other zone so as to be free from the nuisance caused by the Metro work. One of the Shopkeeper, Raja stated, “The building here got demolished as we were told to vacate the place and look for other area to set up our shop. It is causing pollution to the environment as there are lot of dust particles that enter into the premise leaving no space to breathe.”

Another resident of South end circle Pratik stated, “It is difficult for us to park the vehicles here due to the ongoing Metro work. We might shift to some other place soon as the nuisance it is creating in the surroundings is intolerable. The city will be highly thankful to the concerned authorities for bringing up such a huge project beneficial for the commuters to travel. Yet, there are certain challenges we are facing now. Hopefully, the metro work speed up soon.”

Cityplus tried contacting the concerned officials from BMRCL and also, tried calling the local Corporator B Somashekhar to get their perspective on the issue, but they remained unavailable to comment.

Considering the city’s growth in infrastructure and facilities, Bangalore has carved a niche for having international standards and modern set-up. Although, there will be few challenges to overcome, we hope the metro work brings a hope for the commuters who can enjoy the facilities available here at the same time, the project gets completed as per the stipulated date.