Namma Metro works: 15 Buildings marked for evacuation

Bangalore: The Balepet-Majestic underground section will spell a lot more risk for houses as around 15 buildings have been marked for evacuation in the days to come. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) has already alerted the occupants  of the houses who have agreed to evacuate and return later.

BMRCL senior official U A Vasanth Rao told: “There are 15 more houses marked for evacuation in the rest of the distance between Balepet and Majestic. The BMRCL has already issued evacuation notices to all residents who have agreed to move out till the time the tunnel boring machines pass through. We have told the BBMP to check on the condition of the houses and inform the residents accordingly. The contractors too should check the status of the houses and make alternative arrangements for families to stay. We follow international procedures in such contexts.”

In case there is a need for demolition of the 15 houses, the official said, advance information will be passed on to the residents as well as the BBMP. It is the BBMP’s job to test the safety of the houses and order demolition, if necessary. If there isn’t any such need, BMRCL contractors should address issues such as cracks developing in the properties and take up grouting work, in which cracks are identified and solidified with cement.
Recently, as the tunnelling machine approached Chickpet station, residents of Balepet felt tremors while their buildings shook. Two buildings developed cracks and seven families were evacuated.

Tunnel borer Kaveri has completed nearly three-fourths of the 750-metre tunnel between Chickpet and Kempegowda interchange


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