National Rail Universities in India over next Five Years – Clear picture by Dec 2014: Gowda

मंगलौर Mangalore (MAQ): A clear picture on the establishment of a Railway University by Indian Railways may emerge in two months, if the Railway Minister’s assurances are any indication.

Speaking at the ‘Meet-the-Press’ programme organised by the Dakshina Kannada Working Journalists Union in Mangalore on Saturday, DV Sadananda Gowda, Railway Minister, said that the Indian Railways is planning to set up a Railway University.  “Hunt for trained manpower in all aspects of function of Indian Railways will manifest itself through Railway Universities to be set up in all four corners of India and this project is closely monitored by PMO as the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is keen on this project,” he said.

These Railway Universities will be of world class and will impart diversified fields of technology and innovations in the field of Railway operations, safety, engineering, mechanical, civil, electrical, Signal & Telecommunications, Software & IT Applications in Railway operations, Metro Rail systems, Urban Planning and Marine Railway engineering technologies etc.

He said his intention to set up Railway Universities is not to limit the university to a particular region but to stretch in all four corners of the country – North, East, West and South and shall bring world’s attention towards its scale and set up to attract students, faculty, infrastructure etc.

Stating that countries such as China and France have railway universities, he said his department is collecting information on them. China has nearly 30 Railway universities, he said.

The Ministry has approached the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development seeking its guidelines on the establishment of a dedicated university for Railways.

The university will look at the all-round development of the person for Railways irrespective of the department. By the time a person comes out of the university that person will be assured of the job.

In the present system, a person is needed to be trained after joining the Railways. The person coming out of the university will be trained in entire operations of Railways irrespective of the departments and will be job-ready, he said.

Stating that at least two months are required for the study on the establishment of a Railway University, he said a clear picture will emerge by December, and the university will be set up by the beginning of an academic year, he said.