Multi-State Train Robbers Gang busted, millionaire kingpin owns property worth Crores in Delhi

Train Robbers Gang developed a Network that run in multi-states covering various Zonal and Divisional Railway Systems of Indian Railways

BHOPAL: In a major beakthrough, Govenment Railway Police (GRP) busted an interstate gang involved in several robberies in long distance trains recently. The gang was caught at Vidisha railway station a few days ago when they were hatching a theft plot, said a GRP official.

GRP officials informed that the gang used to target long-route trains passing from Bhopal, Mumbai, Nagpur, Lucknow, Raipur, New Delhi, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and other states. Stolen goods worth around Rs.10 lakh have been recovered from their possession.

The accused would target passengers in AC coaches. The accused have been identified as Sanjay, Sanjeev, Dharamveer, Sainiram, Ravi, Vinod, Vijaypal and Ram Vilas while their accomplices, Rajesh, Sunil, Govind, Mohan, Lala, Surendra and Rajendra are on the run. All accused are members of the Sansi tribe of Haryana.

During the interrogation, the accused said that thee were about 300 gang members involved in the robberies.

Sanjay, who is the kingpin of the gang reportedly offered police Rs. 7 lakh as bribe to release him.

Awadhesh Goswami, SP (Railway) said that one of the accused Sanjeev had a house worth crores in New Delhi. He informed that the members were freshers in the gang used to get Rs.5,000 monthly salary per journey while the experienced members got Rs. 8,000 salary per journey.

The accused also informed that they had a free run on various routes particularly between New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh border. They did not have any problem in committing thefts in trains. They revealed many policemen posted in the train or train staff helped them on various occasions in train robberies and there is a revenue-sharing agreement with them.