NCR sends DPR to Railway Board for Kanpur-Delhi Semi-High Speed Train

इलाहाबाद Allahabad (ALD): North Central Railway administration has sent a detailed project report (DPR) costing Rs.120 crore to the Railway Board for approval for running a semi-high speed train between Kanpur and Delhi. This amount will be used for laying railway track for running this train. Necessary preparations are being made by NCR authorities in this regard.

The authorities have to decide the speed of this train after conducting trials. The time to be taken by this train between Delhi and Kanpur will be known only after its speed is decided by the railway authorities. It is expected that the semi high speed train between Agra and Delhi will run at a speed of 150 km/hour. If this train is run with the same speed between Kanpur and Delhi, it will cover the distance between the two cities in around three hours. At present, Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains between Kanpur and Delhi run at an average speed of 80-110 km/hour.

According to Naveen Babu, chief public relations Officer, NCR, the proposal sent to the Railway Board includes construction of fence (wall) parallel to the railway tracks. Also, the existing railway tracks will be repaired. The tracks will have to be upgraded for running this high speed train. The overhead electric wires will have to be rectified, he informed.

In the first week of July, even before the trial of Agra-Delhi semi high speed train started, the Railway Board had given its nod for running a similar train between Kanpur and Delhi. It is important to mention that the NCR officials, after putting lot of efforts, could be able to detect shortcomings in the 440 km long route between Kanpur and Delhi. After getting approval of the Railway Board, the railways will start working on the project.

At present, the high speed trains running between Delhi and Kanpur are Rajdhani and Shatabdi. The Shatabdi takes about 4.30 hours to cover the distance of 440 kms between Kanpur and Delhi while other Mail and Express trains take around six to eight hours. Under such condition, the semi high speed train will prove to be a boon for the passengers.