Nellore and Visakhapatnam get more Multi-model Logistic Parks

CONCOR MMLPsVisakhapatnam (VSKP): More Multi Model Logistic parks and container freight stations are being established in the newly carved out coastal Andhra Pradesh state during this year. Krishnapatnam Port Container Terminal and Visakha Container Terminal have already got the permission from Customs for establishing CFS at their respective regions.

The state owned Balmer & Lawrie Co Ltd., have already initiated their Multi Model Logistic Park at Visakhapatnam Port area. Balmer & Lawrie were already operating successfully three CFS at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata metros and their fourth project at Visakhapatnam was long planned and recently the MoU was signed between Visakhapatnam Port and the company. In the same line ,Visakha Container Terminal also has been allotted 10 acres of land at Port area for their own CFS activities. VCTPL has already started their expansion of existing container terminal project and CFS operation will be part of that. The Container Corporation of India has already started operation at their Multi Model Logistic Park which was recently established opposite Visakhapatnam Airport in 10 acres land, also it plans for expansion in the additional 90 acres land provided for them. CONCOR also planned a separate double railway lines to their CFS as their complex is situated near the main line route of Kolkata-Chennai.

Meanwhile Krishnapatnam Port Container Terminal has already started developing a state-of-art Container Freight Station within their port area. They have allotted 48 acres for this CFS in the first phase to handle around 6000 Teus with a covered warehouse space of one lakh sq. ft. The KPCL has also plans to extend the rail lines and establish a rail siding at this CFS. In Nellore region, CONCOR also has plans to develop one Container Freight Station and details are awaited.

CONCOR MMLP2sPresently Visakhapatnam has already five container freight stations in the port region operating successfully. Apart from CONCOR, M/s.Gateway East India, M/s. Sravan Shipping, M/s. Bhavani Shipping and M/s. VPL Integral were operating successfully. M/s. Sravan Shipping has already started their expansion project of the existing CFS operation.

Some more CFS Players such as Chennai based Sattvagroup and Visakhapatnam based Srivalli Shipping also have plans to establish CFS at Visakhapatnam during this year. M/s. Srivalli Shipping was operating an empty container yard for the past three years at Auto Nagar in Visakhapatnam. In the inner part of Andhra M/s.Guntur Container Terminal owned by Chennai based LEAAP group has established an ICD at Edlapadu in Guntur District and is operating successfully.

CFS and ICDs in India remain the fastest growing segment and growing competition from private participation will also bring forth an array of new services and customized logistic solution which the trade is always looking forward to. Coastal Andhra with a vast coast of 900 kms., has already opened wide for establishing new port and terminals by the state and the central governments. It is also expected that the Multi Model Logistic Parks, the existing ones as well the new ones would play a key role in the economic development of the region, that is a good sign for logistic trade.