NER issues Vigilance Helpline number to curb Corruption

Gorakhpur (GKP): North Eastern Railway has taken several steps to remove corruption and provide better facilities to passengers.

A railway officer said that corruption is a disease which kills the faith of the people. As far as NER is concerned, the vigilance association is playing a vital role in curbing corruption by finding wrong things in the areas affect passengers.

Efforts are being made to check the activities of touts in reservation of tickets. He urged passengers to give information about illegal practices and participate in improving the system. They could call on Helpline Number 0551-155210 and give information to the vigilance association.

As many as 177 decoy checks were carried out to improve the quality of work at places like reservation counters, parcel departments, trains with pantry car and also at places where work is going on.

Punitive action was taken against the employees involved in corrupt practices.