New DRM assures to address Passengers’ issues

Ranchi (RNC):  Deepak Kashyap of Indian Railway Traffic Service joining as new Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of South Eastern Railways assured to look into the grievances of passengers. He took charge of the office on Saturday.

Talking to the media, Kashyap said, “Safety, Security and Punctuality is my prime motto and will make all possible effort in accomplishing it.” However, he has denied making any comment on any project. “I need time to understand things and then only can make any comment,” he added.  Prior to this, kashyap was working as Chief Project Manager of Northern Railways. Thereafter he has worked as Chief Freight Traffic Manager (CFTM) and Chief Commercial Manager General in Northern Railways.

Noticing the woes of the passengers regarding running of trains behind the schedule Kashyap assured to look into the matter and make all possible effort in this direction. “Safety of the passengers is our prime concern and we cannot endanger their life in the course of maintaining the schedule of the trains. It is the nation problem and will require time in abolishing it from the root cause. But I assure will leave no stone unturned from our end in solving the problem as far as possible,” said Kashyap.

Meanwhile, Kashyap also assured to improve the quality of food being provided in the trains. He said, “Not only food of VIP trains which include Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi express but of non VIP trains such as Swarna jayanti express, Vananchal express, Jammu Tavi, Alleppey Alappuzha express also will improve the food quality .”

Moreover, Kashyap has shown keen interest in developing a friendly relation with the state Government with the objective to protect the railways from any untoward incidents. He said, “The news of train hijack in naxal areas is prevailing in recent time. To avoid similar situation under my division will develop a friendly relation with the state Government so that jointly can find a concrete solution in this direction.”

Besides, former DRM Gajanan  Mallya also welcomed the new DRM and has hoped that he will carry forward his unfinished work efficiently during his tenure. “Railway work is a never ending chain. One DRM sanction the plans while other executes it. I am hopeful that our new DRM will faithfully perform his duty and my best wishes are with him,” said Mallya.