New Rail Bridge on Yamuna to come up on Agra Division

Rail bridge AgraAgra: The Agra division of Railways is going to construct a new railway over bridge (ROB) over river Yamuna, as the two bridges that are currently operational are both over hundred years old.

At present, nearly 10,000 trains cross the two bridges, namely Yamuna Bridge and Strachey Bridge. But in order to improve the safety of passengers, the Agra division has decided to come up with the third bridge.

Bhupinder Dhillon, media in-charge of DRM/Agra office said, “Funds of Rs 1.30 crore has been sanctioned by railway board to survey the feasibility of another railway over bridge (ROB) in Yamuna. The new bridge will take majority of the traffic that currently flows through the Yamuna Bridge.”

The new bridge will have a single broad gauge line, and will primarily serve railway traffic for Bandikui and Bayana routes, which further stretches towards Jaipur, Kota, Mumbai and Ahmadabad. The survey for the construction of bridge is likely to start from November or December.

Built way back in 1875, the Yamuna Bridge connects Yamuna bridge station on the east bank of Yamuna with the Agra Fort station, but its structure has cracked at several places over time. The pillars holding up the bridge are not unblemished either. Meanwhile, the 107-year-old Strachey Bridge that links the Agra city station and Raja Ki Mandi station with Yamuna bridge station was renovated recently, its capability to cope with modern-day trains but its future remains uncertain as well.

Acknowledging the fact, that century old twin bridges are not safe to ride, Bhupinder Dhillon media-in-charge of divisional railway manager office said, “Our trains ply on these bridges under strict speed limit of 25 km per hour and below, as high speed of trains may cause damage to bridge.”

As per local residents of Yamuna Kinara area, during heavy showers when the Yamuna flows above flood level (508 feet), the water even touches the floor of the bridge, making railways to stop the services for a while.


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