New signal system at more spots on Central Railway

MUMBAI: The Central Railway has decided to cover more territory with the advanced signalling system to prevent failures, especially at spots prone to water-logging in the heavy rain.

An action plan is in place to instal the Digital Axle Counter (DAC) between Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and Kalyan before the end of the calendar year.

“We have already installed DACs at 300 locations between the two destinations and plan to instal at least 150 more by July to ensure more signals are secured against failure in the monsoon,” a CR official said.

Overall, DAC installation will take place at 850 additional locations. “As the work cannot be done in peak monsoon, the installation will be accomplished after October,” CR chief public relations officer V A Malegaonkar said.

The DAC detects a vehicle on track by counting the axles “coming in” and “going Out” of traction section. Thus, in case the In and Out counts are same, the traction section is determined as free, turning the signal green. Axle counters are installed at either end of the section of track of interest. In case, these counts do not match, the traction section is determined as Occupied and signal will turn from Green to Red.

A major portion on CR territory still relies on out-dated track circuit system. The system is not extremely reliable compared to DAC, especially during the monsoon as there can be problem with the conductivity leading to failures in the signaling system. There can be other reasons for malfunction like power supply failure, broken rail or wire, etc.