Nagpur Division introduce new Signal System for safer travel

Nagpur (NGP): The Nagpur division of Central Railway has commissioned new Rs.3.00 crore signalling system by doing away with orthodox signalling operated by lever frame at most vulnerable Ghudankhapa in Itarsi-Nagpur section.

Geographically Ghudankhapa station is such that there is steep gradient towards Itarsi and Nagpur directions. “This station is unique so far as safety of train movement is concerned. Previously all train operations were done through lever frame. Now the age-old system has been replaced with panel operations with some yard remodeling,” said O.P. Singh, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM).

Singh said the new system had made train operations at Ghudankhapa more flexible with enhanced safety. When the trains move in the up direction there is a possibility of rolling back while negotiating the gradient due to any reason.

“In such a situation the train is likely to go back to station in rear and may collide with another train. In order to eliminate such a probability, a siding was constructed at Ghudankhapa connecting through a spring point. In case if any train rolls back, it would be trapped in a siding,” he explained.

Similarly in down direction, a train may attain excessive speed due to steep down gradient. In this line also a siding accommodating a full length train has been constructed at Ghudankhapa. The siding is connected to down main line through an electric operated motor point. This motor point is interlocked with the signal. The siding is always connected to the main line and speed of the train approaching station is monitored by the track devices.

The project work was carried out under the supervision of deputy engineer (construction) Sanjay Khare, deputy chief signalling and telecommunication engineer PR Patankar, PK Mhaskey, MK Siroliya and others.