NFIR to press for abolishing new pension scheme, low GP

VADODARA: The National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) will press for achieving 7thCentral Pay Commission, abolishing new pension scheme and low grade pay (GP), 50 per cent of dearness allowance (DA) merger in basic pay and free medical treatment to parents of railway employees.

NFIR’s general secretary M Raghavaiah, who along with J G Mahurkar, general secretary of Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh and vice president of NFIR, addressed a big gathering of railwaymen in the city on Friday said.

“Indian Railways are the largest transport industry in the world which carry 23 million passengers everyday on 12,500 mail and express trains and also run 7,000 freight trains in 24 hours. But the unfortunate part is that despite the increased work load, posts are being surrendered at two per cent every year. Naturally railwaymen are working in tension and stress because of shortages in all categories,” said Raghavaiah.

“A significant achievement of NFIR is that two and half lakh track maintainers who work in grade pay of Rs 1,800 and Rs 1,900 will now get promotions in GP of Rs 2,400 and Rs 2,800 in the ratio of 12 per cent and 6 per cent. The career growth of 5 lakh technicians working in GP of Rs 1,900, Rs 2,400 and Rs 2,800 is very poor and NFIR is demanding their career growth to GP of Rs 4,200,” he said.

“The technical supervisors, who shoulder maximum responsibility in train operations are also not happily placed because they work in GP of Rs 4,600 which NFIR now wants to improve to Rs 4,800. Similarly, the Sixty Pay Commission has diluted the status of station masters whose recruitment qualification is graduate and who are poorly paid in GP Rs 2,800. Since the station master supervises and monitors work of all categories working at the stations, NFIR is demanding entry grade pay of Rs 4,200 for them,” he added.