NID/Ahmedabad to redesign Train Ladders, Railway Dustbins

Ahmedabad (ADI): In an effort to give Indian Railways a new look, the central government has roped in National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, to redesign some of the infrastructure so that it can address travellers concerns about cleanliness, comfort and service quality.

In his speech in Parliament on the railway budget on Thursday, Union railway minister Suresh Prabhu said NID, Ahmedabad, will help replace the uncomfortable ladders with redesigned ones to make it easier for passengers to climb upper and middle berths in trains.

The NID will also help the railways keep its premises clean by designing user-friendly dustbins for stations and coaches.

The railway minister, who was recently in Ahmedabad to flag off two trains from the city, had met an NID delegation for redesigning railway infrastructure. The institute is already designing diesel locomotives, mono-rail and the interior of drivers’ cabins. In the past, too, the NID has helped design railway coaches and train drivers’ uniform, among other things.

NID director Pradyumna Vyas said: “All disciplines will connect with the railways to conduct user-centric research on improving station facilities like wheelchairs for senior citizens and people with disabilities, innovative retail outlets, waiting rooms, comfortable chairs, advertisement spaces, electronic kiosks and signage.”

He further said the institute will also design innovative railway compartments and convenient toilets to ensure that passengers travel in comfort. The NID will also help the railways develop more user-friendly double-decker trains, Vyas said.