Ninth ‘DRM Cup’ Inter-departmental Volleyball Tournament at Vijayawada from Aug 12

विजयवाड़ा Vijayawada (BZA): The ninth DRM Cup inter-departmental volleyball tournament will be held at Railway Institute from August 12 to 15. The tournament is held as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

A total of 15 teams — Railway Protection Force (Security), Commercial, Mechanical (C&W), Diesel Loco Shed (DLS), Electrical Loco Shed (ELS), Operating, Accounts, Personnel & Medical, Electrical (Maintenance & TrD), Engineering, Electrical (TRSO), Memu Car Shed (Rajahmundry), Workshop (Rayanapadu), Track Machine Organisation (Rayanapadu) and Signal & Telecommunication — in the Vijayawada division will take part.

The tournament will be conducted on a super league basis by dividing participating teams into three pools. The Vijayawada division to participate in the SCR inter-divisional volleyball championship will be picked during the event.

Rao triumphs

J. Malleswara Rao won the 150th Sunday chess tournament, garnering 6.5 points out of nine rounds, while M. Srinivasa Rao and T. Srinivasa Rao finished second and third respectively.

Nagaraju wins

At Visakhapatnam, J. Nagaraju won the District-level chess tournament title, conducted by the HEART Academy, on Sunday.

Final standings: 1. J. Nagaraju, 2. M. Nikhil, 3. G. Surya Dhanush, 4. P. Sai Kumar, 5. K. Narasimhachari, 6. Gopala Krishna Rao, 7. K. Prasad Das, 8. A.V.S. Vijay Kumar, 9. S. Adith, 10. Ch. Narayana Rao.