No bids have been received in redeveloping Vijayawada Station: GM/SCR

VIJAYAWADA: The general manager of South Central Railway (SCR) Vinod Kumar Yadav said that they have not received any bids in redeveloping both Vijayawada and Hyderabad railway station so far on Tuesday.

Addressing the media at Electric Traction Training Centre in the city, Vinod Kumar Yadav explained that the government is looking to develop the stations to a world class standards. When asked about the redevelopment plan announced back in 2017, Yadav said that there have been issues with the policy under the redevelopment scheme. “The redevelopment policy assures the private party in getting the lease of the government land for a period of 40 years. However, most of them raised concern regarding it and sought that the lease period be extended to 99 years to make it more viable,” Yadav said.

“We have noted their concerns and informed the railway ministry who are reworking the policy and assured to extend the lease period to 99 years,” Yadav added. Once, the policy is reworked the railway officials are hoping to get more bids and proposals for the redevelopment project. Vijayawada railway station among 23 stations have been taken up under the redevelopment project by Indian Railways. The Station Redevelopment Project is being taken up under the Swiss Challenge method, which involves inviting a proposal online and permitting rival bidders to beat that proposal with a more attractive one.

While the redevelopment project has been announced back in February 2017, it hasn’t taken any shape as bidders are reluctant to come forward for the scheme. Officials expect at least Rs 194 crore in being spent on redevelopment of Vijayawada station via Swiss challenge method. With the capital region coming up, Vijayawada station has been playing a crucial in transporting goods and services and officials did admit that they do expect more money from the railway budget this year compared to the Rs 12 crore budget in the last.