No need of special planning authority for Mono and Metro Rail systems in Mumbai

मुंबई Mumbai: Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis said in the legislative council on Wednesday that there was no need for any special planning authority, expressing his personal view on the subject.

He was replying to a question on Metro and Monorail. “According to me, no special planning authority is needed,” he said.

The government is looking into the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s (MMRDA) demand to have special rules regarding the same. MMRDA had sent a letter to the government seeking framing of rules so that construction on road or of depots on land can be done without approaching other bodies.

“I think that (MMRDA’s need for a special planning authority) was when Metro was elevated. Now, most of the work is being done underground, hence, the issue of construction on road or other such things won’t be there. Also, in case of MMRDA, most work is being carried out by SPVs. Even if we have these rules, I am doubtful they can be passed on to the SPV,” said Fadnavis.

The question was raised by member of the house Anil Parab, who also wanted to know which authority one should approach in case of any dispute between MMRDA and other planning bodies. “If there is an issue between MMRDA and PWD or municipal corporation, where should one go?” he asked.

“In such cases, the authority whose permission was sought for any work should be approached,” said Fadnavis.

The CM also pitched for a PM-headed body to ensure development-related issues are resolved. “There are numerous projects for which we have to approach the central government for clearances. Hence, we should have these resolved by a PM-headed committee,” he said.