No Security at Pakistan Railway stations – a letter by a traveller in his own narrative

THE government’s mantra of positive change in the Pakistan Railways (PR) is nothing more than lip-service. It was proved when I travelled by train from Rawalpindi to Lahore just a couple of days earlier.

There was no security at the stations and people were entering railway stations without being checked. The security personnel were busy doing other things.

Some were chatting on their mobile phones, some were sipping tea and some were puffing cigarettes. That was a shocking sight for me because I was expecting changes for the better with the coming of the PML(N) government into power.

However, I was badly disappointed after seeing the plight of the PR.

The condition inside trains was even worse. It was jam-packed from door to door. Many men, women and elderly people were travelling by standing. The toilets were without any lights and water. Besides, there were no locks to keep the toilet doors bolted.

Negligence and corruption by various governments has led the PR down the abyss.

I would like to request Pakistan Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique to take the following steps as soon as possible to make the Pakistan Railways a useful asset for the people:

(i) Special seats should be reserved for women, children and aged citizens.

(ii) The security system should be tightened according to current demands.

(iii) There should be proper system of electricity within the train

(iv) Not a single ticket in excess of the available seats should be sold.

(v) The number of trains should be increased.

(f) Water and electricity should be available inside trains and railway stations 24/7. Once these steps have been taken care of, then only can the PR become people-friendly.