North Central Railways initiates steps to improve Train Punctuality

ALLAHABAD: With the aim of improving the punctuality of the mail and express trains running under North Central Railways (NCR), the authorities have decided to speed up of trains by reducing the stoppage time at stations, and diverting goods trains in order to decongest some of the most congested sections on the section.

In a meeting chaired by the GM NCR, MC Chauhan, it was decided that in order to reduce reversal of trains (changing the engine from one side to another), two pair of trains –Lucknow NE to Jabalapur and Lokmanyatilak terminal to Bareilly—to the chord line to avoid reversal at Manikpur and Tundla, respectively.

Similarly, in order to speed up trains, stoppage time of 145 trains at major stations has been curtailed. The curtailment of stoppages of these trains are very minor ranging from one to two minutes per train. “Even though the cut in the stoppage time appears small but it will have a quantum impact on punctuality as it will result in early release of platforms and reduction in detentions of trains outside stations”, said the GM.

This will be incorporated in the new working time table to be implemented with effect from August 15 this year.

Alongside these measures, goods trains are also being diverted in a bid to decongest the over saturated Naini-Allahabad-Kanpur and Jhansi-Agra-Tundla-Aligarh sections of NCR, the line capacity utilization of which stands at more than 150%.

Coal carrying trains bound for Parichha and Lalitpur Thermal Power Plants are planned to be diverted via Allahabad Cheoki-Manikpur-Banda section. This will improve the mobility in the oversaturated Naini-Allahabad-Kanpur section, thereby having a positive impact on the punctuality of Mail/Express trains in this section.

Similarly, diversion of North Eastern Railway-bound goods trains from Jhansi-Agra-Tundla-Aligarh to Jhansi-Agra-Mathura-Kasganj route is also planned. This interchange is planned to be increased to 12 trains per day from 6 at present, thereby decongesting the oversaturated Agra-Tundla-Aligarh section and improving punctuality in this section also.

“There are big challenges before us, but the entire team NCR is gearing up to meet those challenges in order to deliver safer and more punctual train services to our esteemed customers” added Chauhan.