North East Frontier Railway cancels 9 trains following protests in Assam

GUWAHATI: Nine trains have been cancelled, twelve others have been regulated in the Up direction and five in the Down direction by the North East Frontier Railway in the wake of the 12-hour rail blockade called by different Bodo organisations demanding a separate state of Bodoland.

Three trains have been rescheduled and two trains have been terminated and partially cancelled, NF Railway spokesman S Hajong said.

The trains that have been cancelled for Friday are the 15469/15470 Alipurduar-Lumding-Alipurduar Intercity Express, 15471/15472 Alipurduar-Kamakhya-Alipurduar Intercity Express, 55609 Dhubri-Fakiragram Passenger and 55611 Fakiragram- Kamakhya.

The other cancelled trains are 55901 Lumding-Tinsukia passenger, 55902 Tinsukia-Lumding passenger, 55754 Guwahati-Alipurduar passenger, 55753 Fakiragram-Guwahati passenger, 55601/55602 Kamakhya- Lumding-Kamakhya passenger and 15665/15666 Kamakhya-Dimapur-Kamakhya BG Express.

The major Up trains regulated are the 12436 Rajdhani Express at Tinmailhat and 12424 Up Rajdhani Express at Aluabari Road, while the 12235 Dn Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express has been regulated at Guwahati and 12423 Dn Dibrugarh Town-New Delhi Rajdhani has been regulated at New Bongaigaon.

The other major trains regulated in the Up direction are 15645 Up Lokmanya Tilak-Guwahati Express at New Coochbehar, 14056 Up Delhi-Dibrugarh Brahmaputra Mail at New Jalpaiguri, 15959 Up Howrah-Dibrugarh Kamrup Express at New Coochbehar and 12517 Up Kolkata-Guwahati Garib Rath Express at New Jalpaiguri.

The 12345 Up Howrah-Guwahati Saraighat Express has been regulated at New Alipurduar, 12502 Up Purbottor Sampark Kranti express at Alipurduar Jn, 12067 Up Jan Shatabdi express at Lumding, 12506 Up NE Express at Katihar, 15904 Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Express at Dalkhola and 15611 Up Karmabhumi Express at Alipurduar Jn.

In the down section, 15960 Dn Dibrugarh-Howrah Kamrup Express has been regulated at Guwahati, 13247 Kamakhya-Danapur Capital Express at New Bongaigaon and 15924 Dn Jhajha Express has been regulated at Guwahati.

Meanwhile, 55714/55713 Bongaigaon-New Jalpaiguri-Bongaigaon Passenger will remain partially cancelled between Bongaigaon-New Alipurduar-Bongaigaon and 55714 will leave New Alipurduar at 2pm instead of 9.20am.

15465/15466 Siliguri Jn-Dhubri-Siliguri Jn Intercity Express of 02-08-2013 will remain partially cancelled between Alipurduar Jn-Dhubri-Alipurduar Jn and will run between Siliguri Jn-Alipurduar Jn-Siliguri Jn.

Among the trains rescheduled are 12505 Guwahati-Anand Vihar Northeast Express scheduled to leave Guwahati has been rescheduled to 1.45pm instead of 9.45am.

12508 Guwahati-Ernakulam express scheduled to leave Guwahati on Friday at 6.30am has ben rescheduled to 1.30pm and 05668 Dibrugarh-Kamakhya express has been rescheduled to leave at 1.45pm instead of 5am.