Northeastern Region to benefit immensely with Tetelia-Shillong Rail line project

The planned railway from Tetelia in Assam to Shillong in Meghalaya, via Byrnihat, is both a blessing for the people in the North East

The planned railway from Tetelia in Assam to Shillong in Meghalaya, via Byrnihat, is both a blessing for the people. There is an upside to the project. The proposed railway line will improve the connectivity of the region. Businessmen, farmers, and other travellers travel back and forth between Shillong and Guwahati for various reasons. The most common mode of transport is the highway. Many locals and tourists travelling through the winding road would testify to the often nauseating journey. No, it is not always a smooth ride.

Hitherto, the highway and airway were the only available modes of transport between the two states. Both of which, are not always pleasant. The weather conditions in Meghalaya are such that, carrying an umbrella is a necessity. The unpredictable weather conditions thus make travelling through these means dangerous. Also, the airport at Umroi, which is 30 kilometres from Shillong, is almost always dysfunctional. The railway line would thus save a lot of time and energy while travelling.

On the developmental front, while the rest of India is progressing rapidly, reaping most of the benefits of the government’s schemes and projects, the corresponding situation in the Northeast is abysmal. The railway line will be a step towards this progress.

With the improvement of connectivity, it would make the transaction of business easier. In addition, it would be a blessing for farmers, like the rains after a drought as it would improve the mode of transportation of their goods, reduce wastage and potentially expand their market. Thus, the project would boost the economy of both states.