Northern Railway to construct India’s largest underpass

T330_19785_TrackNew Delhi: One of the largest underpasses of India is under construction by the Northern Railways near Sarita Vihar

Northern Railway is constructing one of the largest underpass of India under railway track near Sarita Vihar. This underpass is being constructed by advance technique of box pushing. This is probably the largest underpass being constructed by advance technique of Box Pushing with uninterrupted train movement.

Underpass at Sarita Vihar within railway boundary is being executed by Northern Railway on behalf of DDA. This underpass connects Okhla industrial area with Kalindi Kunj on Noida side. After construction of this underpass, the length of road route from Sarita Vihar to Okhla will reduce to 1 km from existing 9 km. This will result in huge saving of fuel and will facilitate road users that is cars, cyclist and heavy vehicles and reduction in traveling time.

The underpass crosses the Delhi-Mumbai Rail route, which is one of the busiest Rail line in India. On this Rail section, about 300 mail express, passengers, goods trains and locomotives run per day. The underpass in the railway area involves construction of approximately 180m long RCC boxes in three barrels. Two barrels are four lane each for vehicular traffic and one barrel for cycle and pedestrians. Out of 180m, 57m length is under seven running railway tracks. The work below existing railway line has been executed with the advance technique of box pushing, which ensured uninterrupted flow of rail traffic throughout the construction period. This is one of the largest underpass under railway track in India.

In box pushing technique, entire length of reinforced concrete box is divided into segments (six segments weighing 1000 MT each in this case). The segments are precast over a horizontal RCC thrust bed, adjacent to railway embankment. The boxes are then pushed into the embankment one after another with the help of hydraulic force created by jacks. The force of the jacks is transmitted to precast segment and thus it moves forward.

Northern Railway met this challenge by resorting to pushing of three adjacent boxes in about 45m width, which was never attempted in the past. The pushing of large size of RCC box in length of 57 meter, under seven running railway track, has been completed by deploying 300 Nos hydraulic jacks each of 150 MT capacity. Railway track has been continuously monitored and uninterrupted train movement at controlled speed was ensured during the construction phase. Further, work in the approaches of Railway track is in advance stage of progress and likely to be completed in six months period.