Northern Railway to increase speed of trains from July

LUDHIANA: Northern Railways (NR) has decided to increase the speed of trains from the beginning of July, so that passengers can reach their destination in a much shorter time. Moreover, the trial period to examine the speed of trains is over. Initially, the speed of trains running on short routes will be increased on a priority basis, and later, the speed of trains on long distance routes.

It is pertinent to mention that so far, the highest speed on the New Delhi-Amritsar track is 110km, and according to railway authorities, they would now be able to run trains on this route at 120 to 130km per hour, mainly Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express. The tracks on which Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express run are being renovated to bear the enhanced speed of trains.

A senior official of the section engineer department, deputed at NR’s Ferozepur Division, stated: “The Northern Railways have decided to upgrade the speed of trains running on local routes, where track electrification was not done. In the initial stage of this upgradation, the speed of the Ludhiana-Ferozepur and Ludhiana-Jakhal route trains will be increased to 95km per hour from the existing speed of 80km per hour. Similar is case with the Ferozepur-Jalandhar and Amritsar-Ferozepur routes. Routes like Phillaur-Nakodar, Nakodar-Lohian, and Jakhal-Hisar speed will be increased from the existing 75 to 90km per hour.”

Station superintendent (Ludhiana) Ashok Salaria said: “The initiative to increase the speed of trains would be helpful for long route trains. Work on the project is going on, and it will prove beneficial for residents.” Kamal Preet Singh, a student, said: “It’s the need of the hour that the speed of trains be increased to upgrade the railways. Trains abroad run at more than 400km per hour, but in India, trains cannot reached a speed of 150km per hour, which is very disappointing.”