Now Bangalore goes for Co-Branding: Namma Metro invite tenders

बेंगलूर Bangalore (SBC): Metro rail stations will soon have announcements on reputed product brands, along with those of arrival and departure of trains.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has invited tenders from companies to co-brand with Namma Metro. Not only this, commuters will be greeted by banners of the brands, along with information signage at the stations.

To start with, the BMRCL has invited applications for Trinity station and subsequently will extend the facility to other stations.

However, contrary to the bids invited for MG Road station which is for establishing retail shops, co-branding will only allow the name of the brand to be put up, not the products.

Revenue Generation

Recently, Union Minister for Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu had suggested the BMRCL officials to utilise the Metro station premises for commercial purposes to earn revenue.

With this move, Namma Metro will be in league with the Delhi Metro, which earns a large part of its income through co-branding, advertising, retail outlets and eateries at its stations.

BMRCL Managing Director Pradeep Singh Kharola told, “It is a good way to earn non-traffic revenue. We will start with Trinity station for co-branding and MG Road station for advertising and retail outlets. After the completion of Phase I, the initiative will be extended to other stations.”


According to BMRCL officials, Namma Metro is offering exclusive co-branding privileges for the company to be selected through tenders, by positioning the partner-company’s name and logo alongside the numerous Metro information signages at the road level, the concourse area and platforms.

With this, every time commuters enter or exit the stations, the partner-company’s name and logo are noticed well.

Each time a train arrives on the platform, the partner-company’s name will be part of the announcement. A space will be provided within the station to set up a kiosk to promote the brand.

Download the Tender Document Here: COBRANDING